Teaching at Oxford

Life Course Research in the  MPhil in Sociology and Demography

Sociogenomics research seminars

Early Career Research Support

I have a strong committment to early career researchers! Two of my former PhD students have won international awards for their work.

In 2013, Nicoletta Balbo won the European Consortium for Sociological Research Best Sociology Thesis in Europe for her thesis entitled, Family, Friends and Fertility.

In 2017, Felix Tropf won the Allianz Award for the Best PhD in Demography in Europe.

(Previous) and current postdoctoral supervision

Felix Tropf, currently Senior Research Associate, SOCIOGENOME and NCRM/ESRC SOCGEN projects, University of Oxford, UK

Stine Møllegaard, currently postdoctoral researcher, ESRC/NCRM SOCGEN grant, University of Oxford, UK

Charles Rahal, currently postdoctoral researcher, Wellcome Trust ISSF grant, University of Oxford, UK

Nicola Barban, previously postdoctoral and Senior Research Associate, now Reader, University of Essex, UK

Jornt Mandemakers, previously postdoctoral researcher, now Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Gert Stulp, previously postdoctoral researcher, now VENI awardee and Researchers, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Patrick Präg, previously postdoctoral researcher, now postdoctoral researcher, FAMSIZEMATTERS project, University of Oxford, UK

Previous teaching experience

Substantive courses that I have taught include topics ranging from: social structure and inequality, demography, labour market, social policy and gender.

I have taught various quantitative and qualitative methods courses, including courses such as: Introduction to R, Survival and Event History Models, Advanced Quantitative Methods, Methodology and Data Collection

For survival and event history analysis teaching material, refer to my book site by clicking here.